Self-care is a not just a gift you can give yourself, it’s a key ingredient to living with more peace and calm.

When you take the time to pause and take care of yourself, it feels good, but it also helps you function. Imagine singing a song or giving a speech without pausing to take a breath. You wouldn’t get very far before your lungs just didn’t have anything left to give and you’d have to stop to take in some air.

Pausing for self-care is like taking a breath – it replenishes you, fills your tank, and helps keep you going. Self-care comes in all sizes and varieties — a few deep breaths, listening to music while you do the dishes, making sure to get a walk in, drinking more water, getting enough sleep, journal writing, connecting with friends and loved ones, regular yoga, a night out for fun, eating nutritious food, going out for ice cream, a trip to the spa, a meditation practice, going to therapy, the possibilities are endless.

Take a small step toward more self-care.

Adding in more self-care doesn’t have to feel like a chore or a big project.   And if it does, there’s a good chance you won’t do it. So, how about if you find one way to add a little more self-care into your day? Pick something that you find appealing and see if you can add it somewhere in your routine.

My gift of guided mindfulness for your self-care.

I have just added some very brief guided mindfulness exercises to my website for you to use and enjoy. They are each only about 2 minutes, so they’re a great choice for pausing in the middle of a busy day for a bit of respite and rejuvenation.

There is a Moment of Mindful Stillness and a Moment of Mindful Movement, so you can pick what kind of mood you’re in and what might be good for you at the moment. Try them out and pass them along.

Listen to Guided Mindfulness

Self-care can mean getting support.

Some self-care needs require more than a DIY approach. Maybe you need a walking buddy or the structure of a yoga class. Think about what might help you really accomplish what you’d like to do for yourself. And if you’re facing emotional or other personal struggles, it might be helpful to consider professional support such as therapy.

If you might be considering therapy for yourself and you’re interested in a free consultation to see if a creative, body-centered approach to therapy is right for you, please get in touch

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