How Our Approach Is Different

How We Work

When you want to feel lighter, calmer, more at ease with yourself and happier in your relationships and your life, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and work together with you.

We view therapy as a partnership between therapist and client, and we will always collaborate with you in order to best meet your needs, work at your pace and comfort level, and tailor the work to help you get the most out of your experience.

An Integrative Approach to Therapy

Being an integrative therapy practice describes how we work, but it also describes our goal for you, which is help you feel more integrated in yourself, discover and develop your hidden resources and strengths, feel more like who you really are, and move through your life more effectively.

Understanding how the brain and the body are connected is an important part of our work. How our bodies react to events and feelings is just as important as what we think about them, so talking alone in therapy doesn’t always get to the levels where change can take place. We work with you to pay attention to the non-verbal aspects of your experience and learn to use body-awareness as a compass that can help guide your process.

Methods We Use

Using therapy approaches that work on both verbal and non-verbal levels and taking into account the physiological and neurobiological aspects of experience leads to profound opportunities for deeper and more lasting change and growth. We use diverse methods to achieve this, including mind-body approaches, mindfulness, body-centered and movement interventions, insights from neurobiology, creativity and the arts.

In particular, we make use of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP), one of the most current and effective methods in working with trauma and interpersonal healing.  We also incorporate creative and movement based approaches to strengthen the mind-body connection and make use of the power of the creative process for personal transformation.

Listen to an interview with our director, Annabelle Coote, to get an introduction to how we work.

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Meet our Therapists

Our therapists have specialized training in integrative therapy approaches and are continually expanding their knowledge and proficiency. We truly enjoy the work we do and feel honored to be a part of our clients’ journeys.

Annabelle Coote

Director & Therapist

I absolutely love the deeply gratifying and moving work of being a therapist. I have discovered that I do my best work when I approach therapy as a creative process and trust in the innate wisdom of my clients. My clients have described me as balancing just the right kind of compassion with the ability to be frank and challenging in a way that helps them make real change. Humor and lightness are important to me, and I greatly value both the science and art of therapy. What I hope for my clients is the ability to find peace within themselves and more ease and joy in navigating relationships and life challenges.

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Arin Willey


Nothing nurtures the soul more than feeling accepted for who you are. As a therapist, I trust that my clients are the experts of their own experience. My role is to be a guide and help navigate the path with compassion and non-judgment. I encourage clients to cultivate these qualities for themselves. One of my gifts is the ability to help people see the forest for the trees in a kind and down-to-earth way. I believe everyone has the potential to become the person they truly want to be and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to help my clients get a little closer to becoming that person.

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Monica Thomas


I love talking to people about what matters to them. I see therapy as an opportunity to help my clients slow down from all the rush in life and take time to reflect on their experiences and what matters to them. It’s pretty amazing to be able to make life choices with more intention instead of going about life on autopilot. As a therapist, I’m invested in what’s going on with my clients. I balance a practical approach with creative exploration, and I think it’s really important find the laugher in the process. I want my clients to feel excited about what’s coming next for them and feel comfortable with who they are.

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Jesse Carter, MA



Using a holistic approach to support people struggling with their mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being is important to me. My calm demeanor, sense of humor and playfulness help me create a welcoming space for people to explore their unique mind-body connections and discover and cultivate their core self.

I have a deep interest in ecological systems and bringing nature into therapy, whether I am offering walk-and-talk outdoor sessions or working in the office. My clinical interests include the nervous system, emotional communication, Gestalt therapy, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationships, and men’s work. I also write and record yoga nidras for Insight Timer, and lead live meditations.

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