Maternal Mental Health

The path of motherhood is not always easy.

Family planning, pregnancy, birth, and parenting can be wondrous, magical and meaningful. But even under the best of circumstances, the journey is complex and can be very difficult or even incredibly painful for many women.

There is a certain amount of secretiveness about the darker sides of motherhood that make it difficult to admit that you are struggling and need support. But if you do, you are not alone. Many women face similar challenges and need help with them.

We offer support to women who face issues related to the life-changing experience of motherhood so that you don’t get lost in the mix and can experience more of the joys.

Ways we can help:

Adjusting to change

From raging hormones to being responsible for tiny humans, becoming a mother brings a myriad of new emotional and practical issues to your life. Relationships change, careers shift, priorities take on a whole new life. And it all happens rapidly, both before and after babies are born. It can feel like a roller coaster that doesn’t stop, and it can be easy to feel lost in it.

Finding ways to take care of yourself and have self-compassion is crucial to feeling good as you adjust to a whole new set of roles and expectations.

Creating a positive pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience

There is a vast amount of information available about pregnancy and birth. It can be overwhelming to sort through it all and figure out what makes sense for you. It is incredibly valuable to learn to pay attention to your own wants and needs, and learn to trust in your own wisdom as you take all that outside information into account.

Feeling good about your body

Pregnancy and birth are pretty astonishing feats of the human body. There is a tiny person where your organs used to rest, and the hormones and other physiological changes are wild. The changes you go through in a very short period of time are huge (pun intended).

Needless to say, this can impact how you feel about yourself and your body. If you already struggle with body image, the challenges are multiplied. Being able to care for you body and cultivate a sense of confidence can set the stage for more joyful experiences both now and in the future.

Reducing anxiety or depression

All moms experience some anxiety or depression. If you had emotional and mental health issues before pregnancy, this can be more complicated when you become a mother.

For some women, the issues are more severe, resulting in postpartum depression or anxiety which can be debilitating and isolating. These issues are heightened by a sense of shame or guilt about not being able to be the kind of mom you want to be. Addressing emotional and mental health issues is a fundamental aspect of feeling good about yourself and being a mom.

Decreasing stress about parenting

Of all the things we do in life, parenting is one for which we get surprisingly little preparation. It’s on-the-job training or borrowing from a page of your own life experience, both of which can have their limitations. Pair this with the parenting advice you are bombarded with from every direction, and it can be very difficult to feel like you know what you’re doing or that you’re doing a good job.

The stress of parenting changes all the time, and it never goes away; but when you have resources and support, you can keep putting one foot in front of the other and carry on with more confidence.

Sleep challenges with a baby or young child are a particular stressor that may be important to address.  Learn more about how we approach sleep issues.

Resolving painful past experiences: fertility issues, losses, difficult births

Past painful experiences related to pregnancy, birth, or motherhood create difficulties both for women who do and do not have children. These issues can create a shadow over more joyful experiences. Women often feel very alone with these concerns and have a sense that it’s taboo to talk about them.

For mothers, healing from the stress and trauma related to fertility struggles, miscarriages, or having traumatic births can make it possible to feel more deeply connected to yourself and take more pleasure in being a mother and raising a family.

For women who are not mothers, addressing these issues can bring peace, ease, and momentum to your life.

How we help: finding joy in the journey

Our holistic approach can help you remain connected to yourself. Working with body-centered methods can support you to feel whole and grounded. Working with your imagination can help you create vision for your life and move toward it with energy and interest.

If you think that we might be a good fit, we’d love to talk with you about supporting you on your journey. Please get in touch to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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