Sleep Support & Therapy for New Moms

We no longer offer sleep coaching services.
But, if you are having sleep challenges with a child, please read on for options and referrals.

Being a parent is extremely hard work. Sleep deprivation makes everything even more difficult! 

If you’ve made it to this webpage, we’re guessing it’s likely you’re desperate for some good sleep – maybe just any kind of sleep at this point –for you, your baby or child, the whole family! When you’re not getting it, you realize that sleep is truly a precious commodity and that it affects every other part of your life in large measure.

If you’re like many families who have sleep difficulties with a baby or young child, you may have read books and blogs, talked to all your mom friends, and gotten advice ranging from one extreme to the other. And yet you still feel stuck, overwhelmed, and wondering if anything can help.

But sleep shouldn’t be so hard, right?

On the one hand, sleep is a natural biological process. On the other, it can be really tricky to help your new little one develop sleep patterns and cycles. And then as babies grows, their brains and bodies are changing so fast that as soon as one thing starts to work, they might actually need something different.  So, getting help with sleep makes sense!

Options – Sleep Coaching or Therapy?

When sleep issues are a relatively clear issue, it may make sense for you to focus directly on them through sleep coaching – we have provided a link to a list of professionals below.  When other issues are part of the mix, it may be useful to address concerns for the mom, parents or family along with help for sleep.

Sleep Issues & Mental Health

We know that without adequate sleep a person’s mental health can really deteriorate. New moms face many challenges that contribute to postpartum complications and addressing the basics of wellbeing can be a really important aspect of support. And many moms and parents have other mental health issues that get challenged by sleep problems and other parenting issues.  When parents struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma or other concerns it can be really important to get professional help.

Therapy for New Moms/Parents

Our therapist, Arin Willey, is a certified Sleep Savvy Consultant.  While she does not provide sleep coaching, she can use this background to help new moms/families with sleep issues in the context of therapy when that is appropriate.  We’d love to talk with you to see if therapy might be a good option for you.  Please get in touch to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

Learn about Therapy for Maternal Mental Health

Our therapist, Arin Willey, specializes in working with new moms and families, and is a also a certified Sleep Savvy consultant.

My approach to therapist with new moms and parents is grounded in an attachment style of parenting, the science behind sleep and finding a balance between your needs and your child’s needs. I am also a mother of two. So, yes, I have been there! I would love to help you get the support and you need to navigate one of most rewarding, but also challenging times of being a parent.

Find a Certified Sleep Savvy Consultant

Sleep coaching can provide tailored sleep support for families of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The Sleep Savvy method is a gentle approach that takes into consideration the unique needs, desires and personalities of each family and helps you discover what works best for your household to get the essential sleep you all need. 

If you are interested in sleep coaching, we have provided a link for a list of sleep consultants who are trained in the Sleep Savvy model.  We are providing this link as a courtesy. We do not have professional knowledge of the individuals who are on the list and this information is not intended as medical or professional advice and is not an endorsement of any consultant listed. 

Sleep Savvy Certified Professionals