Therapy for Couples

What happened to us?

Falling in love is easy. But then….

You change. Your partner changes. Life happens. Relationships change.

Staying in a loving relationship that works over time requires intention and investment.

Seeking couple’s therapy is a good sign!

If you’re here reading this page, it means you’re interested in working on your relationship and that’s a sign that you’re ready to put some effort into making things better.

When you are ready to work on reconnecting with your partner and addressing difficulties in your relationship, couple’s therapy can help. You can carve out the time to take stock of where you are and create a vision for where you’d like to be.

Our approach is integrative, holistic and practical. Couples will walk away with a deeper understanding of their core relationship needs and a clear roadmap of ways to meet these needs.

We draw from the work of leaders in the field of couple’s therapy such as Sue Johnson, Stan Tatkin and Ellyn Bader and their emphasis on Emotion Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory and Neurobiology.

How a creative and body-mind approach can help.

We work from the premise that the mind and the body are connected, so that it is important to not only pay attention to how you think about your experiences, but also to how you feel about them emotionally–and to the way you experience them on a body level.

In couple’s therapy, we help partners understand both themselves and each other in all of these ways. This creates deeper awareness and opens new possibilities for change.

In couple’s sessions, we don’t just talk about what’s going on. We help you to notice the dynamics that happen in your relationship right in session. You get to practice making change together and put your insights into action so that you can really experience your relationship differently.

We get stuck in our habits as individuals. Couples do too! Creativity in therapy can really help to loosen things up. You can discover new and unexpected possibilities for your relationship.

Taking the First Step

We’re glad you found us, and we’d love to help you figure out if we’re a good fit for working with you and your partner.

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