Groups & Workshops

Therapy Groups

Connection and Growth through Therapy Groups

Something magical happens when people join together, contribute their own insights and gifts to one another, and share the journey of healing and growth.

Groups can provide you with an opportunity to take individual therapy one step further, practicing new resources and relational strategies, and deepening the changes you are making.

Groups in our practice are open for individuals who are in therapy with us or in other practices, or it can also be an alternative to individual therapy when the group emphasis is what you are seeking.

Calm Body, Calm Mind Therapy Group

Our Calm Body, Calm Mind therapy group is an anxiety and stress reduction group for women that uses creative and holistic approaches such as mindfulness, body-awareness and movement to help you feel more peace, joy and connection in your life.

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We are happy to offer workshops and presentations that bring our work into the community in ways that inspire groups of people to dig into their own well-being, connect more with one another, and explore topics that are relevant and can make a difference.

We work in creative and experiential ways and tailor presentations to fit the needs of the particular group we are working with.

Our programs are suited for workplaces, community organizations, schools, wellness events, and more. We can schedule workshops for small or large groups as brief single events or programs that take place over an extended time period.

Sample Workshops and Presentations

  • Mind-Body Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness in Everyday Living
  • Discovering Calm: Anxiety Awareness and Reduction
  • Creative Stress Management
  • Balancing Acts: Find Work/Life Harmony
  • Resilience-Building for Helping Professionals
  • Moms and Mental Health
  • The Joy of NO! Building Boundaries and Setting Limits
  • Removing Roadblocks: Support for Creative Professionals
  • Stress Reduction in the Workplace
  • Together Is Better: Teambuilding and Communication
  • Other Mental Health and Wellness Issues

Contact us to talk about setting up a custom program for your group or organization.