Calm Mind, Calm Body Therapy Group

Cultivate calm and generate joy within a small supportive group of women.

Anxiety or stress can take away the joy of the things you do and leave you feeling uneasy. This takes a toll on how you feel about yourself, your energy and your relationships. Your body can bear the brunt of it with tension, pain, or difficulty relaxing.

Anxiety and stress are all too common, and you are not alone if you struggle with these issues. Our fast-paced culture and focus on doing and achieving can add to personal difficulties such as a history of trauma, family and work demands, a lack of self-confidence, life transitions, perfectionism, or social discomfort, leaving you feeling worried, worn thin and distressed.

By connecting with others with similar struggles, you can feel less alone and benefit from the support of the group members. We limit group membership to no more than eight people to cultivate an intimate and trusting atmosphere.

Individuals are encouraged to make use of their collective creativity and wisdom in service to shared growth. This group blends mindfulness practices with body awareness, movement and creative expression to help you discover a deeper sense of calm and wellbeing.

Shift Your State: Group Goals and Benefits

In this group, you can:

  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Increase skills for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Develop more self-compassion
  • Feel more at home in your own body
  • Identify skills and resources you already use and gain new ones
  • Feel more at ease connecting with others
  • Rest in the knowledge that anxiety and stress are not your natural state

Who Can Benefit

This group is appropriate for adult women with mild to moderate anxiety or stress who feel comfortable enough in a group to share and participate.

If you have more extreme anxiety or panic, we would be happy to talk with you to see if this group or other resources would be a good fit for you.

Older adolescents may be a good fit depending on the needs of the individual and the makeup of the group.

How it Works

  • This group meets weekly when in session.
  • Each group session is 1.25 hours.
  • Membership is limited to no more than 8.
  • The group runs in 12 weeks sessions.

Getting Started

If you think this group might be a good fit for you, we’d love to take a look at this option.

1. Get in touch to schedule a free phone consultation. We’ll talk about your needs and whether the group is right for you–and answer any questions you have.

If you are a current client with us, you don’t need to do the phone consultation –just talk to your therapist about your interest.

2. If we decide it makes sense for you to join the group, we’ll get you scheduled for your first session; you’ll complete some paperwork to get you started.

We are currently not offering this group, but would be happy to talk with you about it.
If it seems like a good choice for you, we can add you to our waiting list.  Please get in touch

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