Resources for Finding a Therapist

If Movement Matters is full or if we are not a good fit, here are some options for finding other therapists:

Berkshire Psychotherapy Network.  A directory of Berkshire County therapists.  You can search by therapist, location, insurance, specialties, and other filters:
The Psychology Today Therapist Directory.  You can search by location and many other factors:
If you are interested in finding therapists with approaches similar to ours, when searching Psychology Today or doing a general internet search, try searching with keywords such as: holistic therapy, integrative therapy, mind-body, somatic therapy, expressive therapy or creative arts therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems Therapy.
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) Therapist Directory. A list of practitioners who offer SP, which is a mind-body approach to therapy, including trauma and overall therapy concerns:
Somatic Experiencing (SE) Directory.  A list of practitioners who offer SE, which is a mind-body approach to trauma.
Pain Reprocessing Therapist Directory.  A list of therapists who have specialized training in working with chronic pain:
Your insurance company will give you therapy referrals for providers on your plan.
Your primary care doctor or other health/wellness professionals that you work with can give you therapy referral suggestions.
Looking for a child or adolescent therapist or other specialized focus?  Send us an email and we’ll do our best to offer you some additional suggestions.